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Nor-Cal EMS Agency
HPP LEMSA FY 2014-2015 Project


Capability 10: Medical Surge - LEMSA


Strengthen and further integrate the EMS response to public health and medical emergencies.

Known Gaps:

"Further definition of the roles and responsibilities the LEMSA has during a medical surge event Clear delineation of the EMS components for the MHOAC Program Patient movement, distribution and tracking within each OA and regionally"

Objective 1

"Define the EMS components of the MHOAC functions through written MOU's, or policy and procedures or written statement including clarification of roles and responsibilities of the LHD and LEMSA including items such as situation reporting and resource support, triggers for response, and plans for backup support for longer-term events. (Note: This is different than making sure the MHOAC program is consistent with the EOM. This will hopefully help define who is responsible for what aspects and how the functions will be carried out in an event, which might be separate from the planning functions.)"


  • Nor-Cal EMS will develop policy and procedures to incorporate roles and responsibilities of the LEMSA support of the MHOAC program
  • Nor-Cal EMS will schedule meetings with each OA MHOAC to identify requirements for LEMSA components
  • Nor-Cal EMS will draft policy and procedures based on requirements identified during meetings with MHOAC
  • Nor-Cal EMS meet with MHOACs to review draft policy and procedures
  • Nor-Cal EMS will finalize and implement approved policy and procedures

Objective 2

"Define EMS participation in Local Healthcare Coalitions."


  • Nor-Cal EMS will work with individual county Healthcare Coalition Committees (HCC) to ensure forward movement (progress) by assisting in guiding decisions regarding healthcare organization support, increase knowledge of available resources and provide educational multi-county coordination during response.
  • Nor-Cal EMS will participate in a minimum of two HCC meetings per County. Attendance will be documented by sign in sheets, agendas and meeting minutes
  • Nor-Cal EMS, as a member of each county's HCC will participate in the Statewide Medical Health Functional Exercise by completing information sharing and communications activities including HAvBED data collection and Situational awareness. Participation will be documented in exercise documents including County HSEEP AAR/IP(s)

Objective 3

"Update EMS policies and procedures for EMS providers, including hospitals as appropriate, to address the transition from Multi Casualty Incidents to disaster medical response."


  • Nor-Cal EMS will develop policies that include triggers and response levels to address transition from Multi-Casualty incidents to disaster medical response
  • Nor-Cal EMS will review patient distribution policies and procedures and identify polices to be updated and/or developed
  • Nor-Cal EMS will meet with HPP coordinators and the Nor-Cal EMS Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) to review existing policies and identify requirements for new policies
  • Nor-Cal EMS will draft revised policies and distribute to HPP Coordinators and the MAC for finalization
  • Nor-Cal EMS will distribute final policy and procedures and training as needed
  • The Region III MCI Plan will be reviewed to identify updates for patient tracking paperwork. This was a corrective action identified following the Glenn County (Orland) Bus MCI. These corrective actions will be identified further in the multi-agency, multijurisdictional HSEEP AAR/IP for this incident by July, 2014
  • Necessary updates to the Region III MCI plan based on the corrective actions will be coordinated with activites in Objective 5

Objective 4

"Participate in HAvBED drills during exercises and as required for public health and medical emergencies according to local policies and procedures."


  • Nor-Cal EMS will participate in HAvBED drills and document with HSEEP AAR/IP(s). Nor-Cal EMS will assist in the regional polling of HAvBED data and coordinate with Intermedix for electronic reporting to the State
  • Nor-Cal EMS will conduct routine quarterly HAvBED drills within the 6-county region and document with HSEEP AAR/IP(s)
  • EMResource HAvBED event reports will be maintained to document participation

Objective 5

"Work collaboratively with the public health department to identify a local initiative or project to meet local needs and delineate the LEMSA role from the public health/county role."


  • Nor-Cal EMS will meet with S-SV EMS via teleconference to review the S-SV patient transportation and prehospital patient tracking process
  • A draft fillable patient tracking worksheet developed by S-SV in the HPP Year 12 project will be finalized and shared with the Nor-Cal EMS counties. This will result in a regional approach to the continuum of care from the prehospital setting to the hospital
  • Nor-Cal EMS will meet with S-SV EMS to review and identify necessary revisions to the Region III MCI Plan
  • Nor-Cal EMS and S-SV EMS will revise the Region III MCI Plan
  • Nor-Cal EMS and S-SV EMS will distribute the revised MCI Plan with a summary of changes to counties, partners and providers
  • In collaboration with S-SV EMS, the Region III/Region IV RDMHS' and Intermedix, Nor-Cal EMS will assist in the development and implementation of additional EMResource views including the Disaster Medical Support Units and ground providers in Region III
  • In collaboration with S-SV EMS and the Region IV EMResource Systems Administrator, Nor-Cal EMS will review and modify MCI event templates for OES Region III to include pick list development and alignment in addition to template user permission review, and revisions for all receiving facilities and control facilities in Region III counties
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