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Nor-Cal EMS Agency
HPP LEMSA FY 2011-2012 Project



  1. Participate in HPP Partnership activities and Partnership planning meetings.
  2. Participate in state sponsored rollout and training on the Emergency Operations Manual.
  3. Modify LEMSA plans to be consistent with the state Emergency Operations Manual.
  4. Clearly articulate, within emergency response plans, LEMSA roles in the MHOAC Program.
  5. Participate in HAvBED data collection activities including training and exercises.
  6. Participate in the Statewide Medical and Health Exercise in coordination with OA play.
Ref. Document Status Date Posted
7.11 M&H Disaster Responsibility Matrix Draft 02/22/2012
7.12 Nor-Cal EMS HAvBED Policy Draft 02/22/2012
Committee Meeting Minutes
  Project Meeting Minutes 12/7/2011 02/13/2012
  Project Meeting Minutes 02/08/2012   03/27/2012
  Project Meeting Minutes 04/04/2012   05/01/2012

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