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Nor-Cal EMS Agency
HPP LEMSA FY 2013-2014 Project



Capability 1: Health Care System Preparedness

Baseline Deliverables
1) Complete LEMSA portion of the matrix identifying roles and gaps in capabilities needed to perform their assigned roles
2) Provide LEMSA performance measure data as required by the federal Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP)

Objective 1. Participate in the Operational Area Coalition
Objective 2. Determine the roles and resources of the LEMSA in responding to the top three hazards identified in the Operational Area public health and medical risk assessment
Objective 3. Participate in Healthcare Coalition discussions on strategies to mitigate gaps in the Capabilities, as identified in the matrix, related to LEMSA roles and responsibilities. (The State in collaboration with the Local Capabilities Workgroup will design a matrix that must be completed and returned to the State by the end of the budget period.)

Capability 6: Information Sharing

Baseline Deliverables
1) Documentation that LEMSA participated in interoperable communications and information sharing drills and/or exercises

Objective 1. Participate in HAvBED drills during exercises and as required for public health and medical emergencies.

Capability 10: Medical Surge

Baseline Deliverables
1) Document inclusion of each required element (as defined in Objective 1 below) in an Operational Area public health and medical disaster response plan(s) including the plan title and the page(s) where the element is included.
2) Document participation in statewide training webinars on disaster public health and medical disaster planning as related to LEMSA functions.
3) Documentation of LEMSA participation in planning agreements signed by Healthcare Coalition members.
4) Documentation of LEMSA participation in surge assessment and strategies for increasing surge capacity within the Operational Area continuum of care.
5) Document LEMSA participation in mutual aid region planning efforts to enhance regional surge capacity and capability of the healthcare delivery system.

Objective 1. Update Operational Area public health and medical disaster response plans to include all of the following:
1. The EMS components of the MHOAC functions
2. Method to assist in the decompression of Hospitals
3. Develop and test plans for Patient movement, distribution and tracking within the Operational Area; further integrate into existing MCI and FTS plans
4. Policies and procedures for information sharing and resource requesting that are consistent with standard EOM requirements
Objective 2. Provide awareness level training on the newly released Regional Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Response Plan.

Capability 15: Volunteer Management

Baseline Deliverables
1) Document outreach, recruitment, and/or deployment efforts related to the DHV

Objective 1. Identify and provide ongoing support for the LEMSA’s role in the Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Program.

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