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About Nor-Cal EMS & Region


Severe winter conditions in the mountainous areas of the region result in impaired ability to effectively transport patients or to seek out-of-area training (for C.E.s, etc.). region


At the 2,000 foot elevation on the western side of the Sierra Nevada range, annual snowfall levels total approximately three to five feet. At the 5,000 foot level, snowfall averages 10 to 15 feet annually. In Chester, in Plumas County, for example, the annual snowfall averages approximately 12 to 14 feet. The snowfall season generally begins in October and ends in May.

In addition, the valley area of the region, flooding conditions place an additional burden on EMS resources.

Other aspects of the weather affecting emergency services and the ability to readily move about the region include dense fog in the winter months in the valley areas.