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Advertising with Nor-Cal EMS

Web Advertising Opportunities


Advertising opportunities are available on the Nor-Cal EMS website! Already know what you want? Click HERE for ad pricing and purchasing. Click HERE for artwork pricing.

Reach out to the EMS community. Take advantage of our advertising opportunities on the Nor-Cal EMS Website. You support is appreciated. Here are some ideas: training, classes, picnics, and EMS community events.

Marketing Marketing

Our website is available for quality emergency medical services related advertisements. With a website that receives roughly 10,000 page views a month, this is an effective way to gain significant exposure for your agency or business.

Our readers are individuals with strong emergency medical service interests. They are EMS professionals visiting our site to review medical policies, to certify or recertify their licenses online or to access current literature summaries.

By advertising on the Nor-Cal EMS website you will be reaching a highly targeted market of trained EMS personnel and EMS provider agencies that are interested in your services and products.

Ad Positions What's Available?

The Nor-Cal EMS website supports many of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Ad Unit Guidelines standard web display banner ad sizes and formats. What does this mean? This provides prospective advertisers that have already developed standard banners an expanded market to reach out to without incurring additional advertising design costs. If that didn't make sense to you, don't worry. Read on. We'll show you exactly what size ads are available and where they are located on our website.

Purchase Below

There are banner ad positions available that display on every page of the website and banner ad positions that display only on the home page.

The illustration at the right depicts the location of each type of banner ad available. The letters on the diagram correspond to the ad types below. Click on an ad type below to find out more information about each ad or to purchase.

  1. Leaderboard (728x90) – premium location that resides at the top center of all web pages.

  2. Leaderbutton (120 x 90) – a random position among the top left or right leaderbuttons of all web pages.

  3. Monument (180 x 150) – a random position among the monuments in the right side column of all web pages.

  4. Monument (180 x 150) – right of the Mission Statement on the home page only.

  5. Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) – right side of the main center content on the home page only.

Each of the ad types are must be a specific size (in pixels as shown above in parenthesis above) and must be a specific file types (which includes jpeg, gif, animated gif, and flash (with embedded fonts). The maximum file size is 20K (30K for flash).

Don't Have Artwork?

Don't worry if you don't have artwork or don't know what to do about having your artwork designed. We can take care of that for you. Click HERE for more information.

1st How Does Banner Advertising Work?

Banner advertisement is sold as "CPM" or "Cost Per Mille" views. (Mille is Latin for one thousand.) If 10,000 views are purchased for a banner ad at a CPM of $25, the cost would be $250. The ad is entered into a sophisticated advertising system that places the ad in its correct position on a web page. The system tracks the display of the ad. After the 10,000th display of the ad, the system removes the ad automatically.

Link Link Back to Your Website

An ad may have a link that links back to your website. If the ad is a flash ad, a "clickTAG" must be placed in the ad. Click HERE to download a document that spells out how to do this in flash.

Basically, create a normal button, place an action on the button using this code:

		on (release) {

			if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:" || clickTAG.substr(0,6) == "https:") {





If you follow the Adobe clickTAG tutorial, be sure to substitute the code above for the code given in the tutorial (i.e. COPY and PASTE)!