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Advertising with Nor-Cal EMS

Monument - Position C
(size 180 x 150 pixels)

The monument is a fairly good size advertisement at Nor-Cal EMS. An actual size sample is shown below:

Monument C

Website Ad Placement Price

Ad POSITION C is sold as CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Views) and sold in multiples of 5,000 views according to the following table:

CPM Prepaid Views Total Purchase
$5 5,000 $25 Add to Cart
$5 10,000 $50 Add to Cart
$5 15,000 $75 Add to Cart
$5 25,000 $125 Add to Cart
$5 50,000 $250 Add to Cart
$5 100,000 $500 Add to Cart

Location Price

This monument is located at the right side of every web page as depicted by the letter C in the sample web page image above. The advertisement will continue to be displayed in that position until the number of views purchased have been displayed. You may opt to stop the advertisement sooner without refund.

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