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Paramedic FAQs

Paramedic Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly updating our FAQs based on questions that are asked over and over again in order to place helpful information at your fingertips. Before you e-mail or call, please read through our "FAQs" to see if your question has already been answered. They are conveniently organized by level so that you can jump directly to the section that may contain the information you are looking for. There are also many direct links to pertinent forms and applications sprinkled throughout the answers.

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Questions Paramedic Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is local Paramedic Accreditation?
  • All Paramedics employed by an approved Nor-Cal EMS ALS Provider are required to obtain and maintain accreditation in the Nor-Cal EMS region. Paramedics must submit their application and fee for accreditation prior to beginning employment as a Paramedic. A currently licensed Paramedic in the State of California may begin employment within the Nor-Cal EMS region while completing the accreditation process. A Paramedic may be allowed to work within the State Basic Scope of Practice, as a second paramedic until s/he is fully accredited. This interim status may be maintained for a maximum of forty-five days (45) while completing the accreditation process. Click HERE for Initial Paramedic Accreditation .

  • How to I apply for Local Paramedic Accreditation?
  • The simplest answer is to follow the Nor-Cal EMS 201 Paramedic Accreditation Policy.

  • How long is my local paramedic accreditation valid?
  • Once approved, you local paramedic accreditation is concurrent with your state Paramedic license, so when your license expires, your accreditation will also expire.

  • What do I need to submit in order to maintain Continuous Paramedic accreditation with Nor-Cal EMS?
  • The Nor-Cal EMS policy 202 Paramedic Continuous Accreditation answers this question.

  • I needed to answer "yes" on my application to one of the questions that had to do with convictions, misdemeanors, or criminal charges. What happens to my application now?"
  • When you answer "yes" to any of the questions regarding convictions, misdemeanors, or criminal charges, your application is referred to the certification investigation department for processing. You should then hear from them within two weeks regarding the outcome of the investigation.

  • I have had a misdemeanor and/or a felony conviction, will this preclude me from certification?
  • Not necessarily. All applications are screened on an individual basis. Depending on the seriousness of the conviction, your application will be reviewed by the certification investigation department and you will be contacted by a staff member.

  • I have disclosed a previous or pending conviction on my application. How do I find out what the status of my application is at this time?
  • You will be contacted by a certification investigation staff member regarding the status of your application in a timely manner.

  • I have mailed my application for certification or re-certification. How will I know if it has been received?
  • Because of the volume of applications we process, it is recommend that you send your application "Return Receipt Requested".

  • My certification is about to expire. Can I apply for an extension?
  • No. Extensions are not allowed.

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