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Below is a list of links to non-commercial external resources* with information relating to emergency medical services.

California Local EMS Agencies

California State Agencies

California State Agencies related to EMS:

Federal State Agencies

Federal State Agencies related to EMS:

Northern California EMS Region EMSand Fire Providers

A list of provider agencies in the Nor-Cal EMS LEMSA region:

  • Adin Fire Protection District
  • Alturas City Fire Department
  • AMR - Glenn
  • Bayliss Fire Protection District
  • Beckwourth Fire Protection District
  • High Desert State Prison Fire Dept
  • Calpine Fire Department
  • Calpine Fire CSD
  • Canby FPD
  • CareFlight - Beckwourth
  • Care Flight Ground Operations - Plumas
  • Cedarville Fire Department
  • Chester Fire Protection District
  • City of Portola
  • Coffee Creek Fire Department
  • Douglas City VFD
  • Down River VFD
  • Downieville Fire Department
  • Doyle Fire Protection District
  • Eagleville FPD
  • Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance
  • Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Protection District
  • Enloe Ambulance - Willows
  • Fireline Emergency Medical Services
  • Fort Bidwell Fire Department
  • Frontline Medical
  • Glenn-Cordora FPD
  • Graeagle FPD
  • Greenhorn Creek VFD
  • Hamilton Branch VFD
  • Hawkins Bar VFD
  • Hayfork VFP
  • Hyampom Fire Department
  • Indian Valley Fire Rescue
  • Jamesville FPD
  • Junction City Fire Department
  • Kahawha Fire Department
  • LaPorte FPD
  • Lassen Community College
  • Lewiston Volunteer Fire Department
  • Likely FPD
  • Long Valley VFD
  • Lookout Fire Protection District
  • Meadow valley FPD
  • Milford Vol Fire Department
  • Modoc Medical Center Ambulance - Alturas
  • Orland Fire Department
  • Peninsula Fire Department
  • PHI Air Medical
  • PHI Ground Ambulance - Greenville
  • Pliocene Ridge Comm Service Dist
  • Post Mountain VFD
  • Quincy Fire Department
  • Salyer VFD
  • SEMSA Air
  • SEMSA Ground
  • Side-Trax
  • Sierra Army Depot
  • Siera County FPD
  • Spalding VFP
  • Standish-Litchfield Fire Department
  • STAR
  • Sunrise Valley Health Care Ambulance
  • Surprise Valley Health Care Ambulance
  • Susan River
  • Susanville Fire Department
  • Trinity Center Fire Department
  • Trinity County Life Support
  • Weaverville Fire Department
  • West Almanor CSD
  • Westside Community Ambulance
  • Westwood Fire Department
  • Willows Fire Department
  • Zenia Kettenpom Volunteer Fire Department

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