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Dr. Eric Rudnick, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

Dr. Rudnick has been actively involved in Emergency Medicine since 1993 after graduating from Michigan State University’s Emergency Medicine residency program-Lansing. He has a keen interest in emergency medical services and pediatric care. He currently serves as the Medical Director for Nor-Cal EMS (since 2005), the EMS oversight agency for 6 Northern California counties. He has an extensive background in disaster preparedness and planning.

He has active fellowship status with both American College of Emergency Medicine and American Academy of Emergency Medicine. He successfully completed the prestigious California Healthcare Foundation Fellowship for Medical Leadership.

He was appointed to the State Commission on Emergency Medical Services in January, 2010. In addition, Dr. Rudnick became the EMS Medical Director for Santa Clara County in November 2009. Other roles he has had include the presidency of EMDAC (Emergency Medical Directors Association of California) and the founding President of the Medical Reserve Corp of Far Northern California. He has lectured nationally on numerous topics in Emergency Medicine ranging from pediatrics to chemical warfare.

He is an avid photographer often hiking in Lassen Volcanic National Park. His most passionate interests are his wife (Deborah A. Sutcliffe, MD) and his two daughters Alaina and Melinda.

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Memorandum - Important Updates: [A] Regarding Emergency Medical Responders (EMR); [B] Patient Care Records (PCR)

June 22, 2017 - Nor-Cal EMS has updated/added policies and procedures pertaining to:

  • EMR Certification and Recertification requirements
  • First Responder to EMR transition requirements
  • PCR Completion


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Information - Tranexamic Acid for Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage

May 2017 - For women with postpartum hemorrhage diagnosed within three hours of delivery, we recommend administration of tranexamic acid as a component of overall treatment (Grade 1B). When more than three hours have elapsed since delivery, we still suggest tranexamic acid (Grade 2C), but the benefit of treatment is less clear... Read more...

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