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EMS Award

Honoring Jeremiah Glass

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Preface: Dr. Rudnick and Kara Davis attended the 2013 California EMS Awards ceremony held in San Francisco at the Marines Memorial Hotel. Twenty-three recipients were honored at the ceremony along with forty-one other recipients of clinical excellence. As Dan Smiley stated in his address to the luncheon attendees, this is only a small representation of all the heroic and life saving events that are done every day. This year paramedic Jeremiah Glass, was recognized for Paramedic of the Year Award. Jeremiah works part-time for Westside Ambulance in Orland.

Jeremiah Glass

Jeremiah Glass is being honored for his dedication to excellent patient care, compassion, public and professional service. Stemming from his devotion to public service, Glass has volunteered thousands of off-hours to underserved communities across the globe, declined pay raises and promotions out of concern for the state's flagging economy, and has not had a sick day in over five years. Glass travelled to Honduras in 2011, serving as the team's sole paramedic on a project converting a school into a health clinic.


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