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June 18, 2019 - Replacement of Dopamine with Push Dose Epinephrine for Hypotension


To: Nor-Cal EMS Region, Base Hospitals - ALS Provider Agencies - ALS Providers

From: Eric M. Rudnick, FACEP, FAAEM
Medical Director - Nor-Cal EMS Region

Date: June 18, 2019

Subject:      Replacement of Dopamine with Push Dose Epinephrine for Hypotension

Effective Immediately:

In the Nor-Cal EMS Policies and Procedures Manual we will be replacing the Utilization of Dopamine Infusion for Hypotension/Shock with Push Dose Epinephrine use. Over time we (Nor-Cal EMS) will continue changing the verbiage in the Policy Manual to reflect this change.

Until all the changes/updates are made please note this critical substitution. This is for both adult and pediatric patients suffering from hypotension/shock. Effective immediately, the carrying of Dopamine is now optional. The vasopressor of choice is Epinephrine using the “Push Dose” technique.

Please refer to the training for Push Dose Epinephrine in the Training Module. Feel free to contact Nor-Cal EMS for questions and clarification.

Contact Nor-Cal EMS with any questions at 530-229-3979 or via email at: mail@norcalems.org

Please share this information with your staff and other interested parties.

Download the Memorandum PDF to post at your location and share with others.


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