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July 1, 2019 - Clarification of Air Medical Policy


To: All Dispatch Centers
Public Safety Answering Points
Air Medical Providers
Nor-Cal EMS Region

From: Eric M. Rudnick, FACEP, FAAEM
Medical Director - Nor-Cal EMS Region

Date: July 1, 2019

Subject:      Clarification of Air Medical Policy

This shall stand as Policy and this Memorandum shall be incorporated into the Policy Binder next update.

When there are multiple Air Medical Providers in a designated Nor-Cal EMS Air Region (to include all Counties of Nor-Cal EMS) a rotation shall be followed for scene calls (911 calls).

This is not applicable to IFTs (Interfacility Transfers). This shall rotate every 24 hours on an every other day basis. The exact time of change in rotation shall be by a mutually agreeable time by the parties involved. This shall be followed (after rotational basis) based upon the closest aircraft being available. If the primary Air Medical resource for that time period is encumbered the next closest aircraft will be contacted. This will be applied by the Primary Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This PSAP will be the answering point for the air providers in that air medical region. The other Air Ambulance Provider in the same Air Region shall function as a back-up resource. When an authorized EMS Air Ambulance is out of service or encumbered (example: Service A), a ship from the same agency may cover that aircraft's rotation for the time the routine aircraft is out of service. This applies only if the back-up aircraft from the other provider (example: Service B) (back-up) is not closer for the scene call.

When any authorized EMS Air Ambulance Providers are "in service" and "available" in an assigned Air Region, outside or unauthorized ships may NOT respond to scene calls within that Air Region. This does not apply if the other aircraft is closer. Every Air Medical Provider shall endeavor to keep EMResource and the PSAP up-to-date in regards to status.

After vigorous discussion the definition of a "lift time" is the following: from the time the pilot accepts the mission to skids off the ground". When giving ETA to a requestor, EMS Air Ambulance Providers or their designated dispatchers shall use lift time plus time en route and shall be as accurate as possible.



Contact Nor-Cal EMS with any questions at 530-229-3979 or via email at: mail@norcalems.org

Please share this information with your staff and other interested parties.

Download the Memorandum PDF to post at your location and share with others.


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