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December 18, 2019 - New Paramedic Accreditation and MICN Authorization Process


To: Air and Ground Providers, Hospitals

From: Shawn Poore, EMS Specialist/Investigator

Date: December 18, 2019

Subject:      New Paramedic Accreditation and MICN Authorization Process

Please note the following changes to the Nor-Cal EMS accreditation / authorization process which will take effect January 01, 2020:

  • All Paramedics and MICNs wishing to accredit or authorize with Nor-Cal EMS must attend a four (4) hour regional orientation class. These classes will be held monthly (dates are available on our website) in our office located at 930 Executive Way, Suite 150. Redding, CA 96002. Upon completion of the class, individuals will be taking the Paramedic accreditation or MICN authorization exam. These exams are no longer allowed to be completed with the hiring agencies.
  • Accreditation and authorization cards will only be issued after completion of the above class, successful completion of the accreditation or authorization exam, submittal of all required forms (including the 201-B skills form for paramedics), and payment of applicable fees.


Thank You!

Shawn Poore

Download the Memorandum PDF to post at your location and share with others.


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