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California Medical Volunteers

And Why Not Register with the State of California Medical Volunteers

The California Medical Volunteers program provides guidance and assistance for the development of a statewide standardized registry and credential verification of volunteer health professionals in advance of an emergency or disaster. The State of California program collects and verifies information on the identity, licensure status, privileges, and credentials of volunteers.

The registry program is intended to serve as the statewide mechanism for tying together the registration and credential information of all potential health professional volunteers in the State. The system should also include information about volunteers involved in organized efforts at the local level (such as MRC units and SNS volunteer teams) and the State level (such as NDMS/Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT) and State Medical Response Teams).

The program also allows for a ready pool of volunteers by providing mechanisms for the recruitment and registration of individual health professionals who are willing to help in an emergency, but prefer not to be part of a unit structure such as MRC or DMAT. To find out more please visit www.medicalvolunteer.ca.gov.

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