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EMS License Plate Program

The EMS License Plate Program has been officially closed by the DMV in 2010. This is an archive file of the program news announcement.

The links to the appropriate web sites have been removed.

Submit Your EMS License Plate Design Today

EMS License Plate Program

The Emergency Medical Services Authority is developing a specialty license plate to honor EMS professionals in California. Anyone who owns a car in California will be able to get the EMS License Plate. Creating a specialty plate will support and recognize healthcare professionals who work in the emergency setting.

The standard EMS License Plate will be $50 initially and $40 for renewals. The use of these funds may be used in any of the following areas: public information and prevention, recognition program, a memorial fund, charitable programs or programs to enhance EMT applicants statewide.

EMSA must collect 7,500 pre-paid applications before the plate is produced and distributed to applicants. This process could take as long as a year, which could delay applicants receiving their plates. If EMSA cannot collect 7,500 applications a full refund will be given to the applicant.

The First Step

The first step is to design a plate. EMSA is soliciting ideas for the design of the EMS plate. Please submit your design to Jamie Kelly.

Please submit only jpg, gif or bmp files. Do not submit zip files as our e-mail system will not permit that type of attachment.

Criteria for plate design:

  • The specialized license plates must contain a message that publicizes or promotes the state agency, or the mission or work of a state agency.
  • The design cannot exceed 2 by 3 inches to the left of where the numerical series begins.
  • The design cannot be larger than five-eighths of an inch in height below the numerical series.
  • The design is to be limited to 4 colors.

Because of the graphic on the license plate, the license may contain no more than six characters.

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