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Prehospital Run Report

Nor-Cal EMS ePCR & Patient Care Report

Nor-Cal EMS working with ICEMA is able to provide access to an electronic Patient Care Record (PCR) system for our North state partners. The State of California's Emergency Medical Authority (EMSA) has adopted the ICEMA ImageTrend system as their state depository of data for their EMS data system.

For those who have not signed up to use ImageTrend Elite directly in our region are required to export your EMS data from your electronic PCR system to the ICEMA ImageTrend system following the state's CEMSIS standard which folows the NEMSIS data standard.

An accurate account of the care provided in the field and patient information is critical for improved outcomes and sustainability through revenue recovery.

ICEMA ImageTrend Service Bridge Electronic PCR

Service Bridge

ImageTrend Elite integrates information across the entire emergency medical community, whether in the ambulance, the local station, or regional or state offices. With the ImageTrend Elite, ambulance services are able to satisfy reporting requirements easily, without major investment and without learning complex new technology. The system is available to use now if you are a provider agency in the Nor-Cal EMS region.

NEMSIS version 3 data standard compliance allows for better data sharing with HL7, community paramedicine and the world of connected healthcare. Configure your run forms for the fields you need, define validation rules for your system, and easily deploy across a multitude of devices, including iPad, Android and Windows-based tablets.


As per the California Emergency Medical Services Authority CEMSIS Standard:

California Health and Safety Code 1797.227 requires an emergency medical care provider to collect and submit data using an electronic health record system that is compliant with the current versions of the California Emergency Medical Services Information System (CEMSIS) and the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS).