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Prehospital Run Report

Nor-Cal EMS ePCR & Patient Care Report

Nor-Cal EMS working with ICEMA is able to provide access to an electronic Patient Care Record (PCR) system for our North state partners. The State of California's Emergency Medical Authority (EMSA) has adopted the ICEMA ImageTrend system as their state depository of data for their EMS data system.

For those who have not signed up to use this electronic data system directly are required to export your EMS data from your electronic PCR system to the ICEMA ImageTrend system in the NEMSIS 2.2.1 data standard using NISE codes until the state transitions to NEMSIS 3 during 2016. At such time you will be required to export your EMS data in the NEMSIS 3 format to the ICEMA ImageTrend system.

ICEMA ImageTrend Service Bridge Electronic PCR

Service Bridge

EMS Service Bridge integrates information across the entire emergency medical community, whether in the ambulance, the local station, or regional or state offices. With the EMS Service Bridge, ambulance services are able to satisfy reporting requirements easily, without major investment and without learning complex new technology. The system is available to use now if you are a provider agency in the Nor-Cal EMS region.

Patient Care Report Paper Form (Fillable PDF)


This Patient Care Report may be used by anyone that does not have an electronic Prehospital Care Record system in place yet. This form is printable for print on demand use. It can also be filled in electronically before printing to be more legible but opening the document on your computer using Adobe Reader. It is a general purpose form and comes with no instruction.

(For instance, you will not find that Pt / is asking for Patient number X of Y for multipatient incidences such as Pt 1/3. However, now that you know Pt stands for Patient, the rest of the form will probably be easy.)