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Applying for Certification Online

We want to let you know what your colleagues are experiencing when they filled out the application for certification online.

N.M. writes:

This is great that you got this site up and running. I am sure there are others that love the simplicity of this site. Thanks and take care...

J.S. writes:

I was very impressed with the web site I would come back again and again. It is so helpful,easy thank you so much.

N. writes:

I am quite impressed with your web-site and swift service, on Tuesday. I renewed my EMT1 cert. and was with card in hand Fri. Good job to those of you responsible for such a on top of it organization.

S.P. writes:

Very, very nice web site experience!

Site easy to navigate because of helpful notes along the way.


A.R. writes:

The whole process. It was very easy. Thank You.

R.G. writes:

This was very easy and painless. Makes the whole process a good experience.

R.P. writes:

I love this on-line process. You people ROCK!

I did run into one problem (probably my fault) lol.

I could not find the ICS 100 training documentation on the web site. I am still in the process of meeting that requirement & hope to have it attached by Monday.

Thanks again for streamlining the process.

L.S. writes:

The on line re-certification process was easier than the paper process. Thank you for providing this option.