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Heat Illness

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The "Heat Illness" video has been discontinued.

Heat Illness is presented by Dr. Michael A. Jasumback, MD, FACEP, ER Physician at Mercy Medical Center Redding, California and the Medical Director for PHI Air Medical and recorded live in front of an audience at the 2014 Northstate Prehospital Conference held at the Win River Casino on April 26, 2014. (The audio is a little rough due to the room acoustics. Be sure to follow the slides - download the presentation below. Audio will be recorded direct in future conferences for better audio quality.) Dr. Jasumback covers the risk factors for heat illness and then delves into the major heat illness types heat exhaustion (from water depletion and salt depletion) and heat stroke (both classic and exertional) followed by the minor heat illness types heat cramps, heat syncope, miliaria rubra, and heat tetany.

This is an important topic as 4000 deaths per year are attributable to heat illness. It is the 2nd or 3rd most common cause of death in young athletes.

Click HERE to download a printout of the presentation for reference.

Background: Dr. Jasumback is an ER physician at Mercy Medical Center Redding and the medical director for PHI Air Medical. He has been involved with EMS in Northern California for 14 years in various capacities including medical director for Mercy Life Support, Medical Advisor for Lassen Volcanic National Park and Whiskeytown N.R.A., and liaison for CHP Air Operations.

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