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The "Drowning" video has been discontinued.

Drowning is presented by Dr. Michael Fraters, DO, AOA, ACOEP, ACEP and recorded live in front of an audience at the 2014 Northstate Prehospital Conference held at the Win River Casino on April 26, 2014. (The audio is a little rough due to the room acoustics. Be sure to follow the slides - download the presentation below. Audio will be recorded direct in future conferences for better audio quality.) Dr. Michael Fraters covers terminology and other "ologies", differential, prehospital, emergency room, pitfalls, and case studies.

This is an important topic as 150,000 to 500,000 deaths occur due to drowning and is the 3rd most common cause of accidental death overall in the U.S. Drowning incidents are 500-600 times higher.

Click HERE to download a printout of the presentation for reference.

Background: Dr. Fraters grew up in Chico and attended Butte College paramedic program and graduated in 1987. He worked as a medic while attending Chico State with a focus on premedical education. Dr. Fraters attended medical school in Phoenix, Arizona at Midwestern University. His residency consisted of an internship in Las Vegas, Nevada in internal medicine followed by 3 years of emergency medicine at Arrowhead Regional in Colton, California. He received a great education at Arrowhead Regional with many sick patients and hands on experience. After finishing residency Dr. Fraters returned to northern California to work in the very same departments where his father, also a physician and Medical Director, worked when he was a child. Prior to college, Dr. Fraters worked at many different jobs and played drums in several bands.

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