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Nor-Cal EMS Medical Advisory Committee Run Review September 2016

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"Nor-Cal EMS Medical Advisory Committee Run Review September 2016"

This webcast is presented by Dr. Eric Rudnick, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, Medical Director for Nor-Cal EMS and recorded live in front of an audience during the patient care record run review at the monthly Medical Advisory Committee meeting. The purpose of this webcast is to perform patient care record run reviews for continuous quality improvement to aid and train emergency medical personnel.

Four case studies are presented in this run review:

  • Call Type: Fall in a 91 year old female. Arrived to find an a/o x 3, GCS 14, 91 year old female sitting upright in a chair at home c/o right hip pain and right arm pain.
  • Call type: Abdominal pain in a 6 year old male. Responded code 2 for report of a male complaining of abdominal pain. First on scene and performed an assessment and obtained vital signs. Patient complains of chest discomfort and a "funny feeling" in his hands and fingers. Patient's family states that the patient has been yawning and that the patient states he can not yawn and "get the air out".
  • Call type: unknown 20 year old female. Dispatched to a vehicle and found 20 year old female, in the third row of the vehicle she was in, on freeway, with Fire assessing her, who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The patient is the restrained passenger, in the third row on the right side, of SUV, with air bag deployment, with 1 foot intrusion into the passenger compartment from the rear of the SUV, that was stopped on the freeway, and rear ended by a vehicle going 50 to 70 mph.
  • Call Type: Seizure/Convulsions 2 year old male. Arrived on scene private residence, to find 2 year old male sitting in foster mother's lap, in no apparent distress, with Fire at side. Patient AxO to baseline. Per guardian, he was sitting on the couch, and was about to fall asleep, when he was witnessed to have a full body tonic-clonic seizure lasting approximately 1 minute, followed by focal bilateral arm activity x 1 minute. He had a straight stare the entire time and remained pink, warm and dry the entire time.

Click HERE to download a printout of the PowerPoint presentation for reference.

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Background: Dr. Rudnick is a native New Yorker and moved to Northern California in 1993 after completing his medical training. He enjoys hiking, nature photography, and spending time with his family. He attended the Medical College of Wisconsin, and graduated from the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Michigan State University with an award for Outstanding Clinical Excellence. His clinical practice has ranged from Level II Trauma Centers to small rural Emergency Departments. He is currently the Medical Director for Northern California EMS and Santa Clara County EMS agencies. He is actively involved with the Emergency Medical Directors Association of California and holds a position on the California State Commission on EMS. His areas of interest clinically are pediatric emergency medicine and emergency medical services. He graduated from the highly regarded California Healthcare Foundation fellowship program in Healthcare Leadership. He is married to Deborah Sutcliffe, M.D. a Family Medicine physician and has two teenage daughters.

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