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2014 Fall NSPC Webcasts

2014 Fall North State Prehospital Conference Webcasts

Nor-Cal EMS presents the 2014 Fall North State Prehospital Confeence to provider current topics in the field of EMS and records the live sessions by various speakers in front of an audience in order to provide the information to a wider audience to broaden the EMS thought process.

A printout of each presentation is available on the respective webcast page for reference while you view the webcast.

Ebola 101 - Update for EMS System Stakeholders
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Dr. Eric Rudnick covers timely information on the current situation of this infectious disease. He includes many topics such as basic Ebola facts regarding the disease, symptoms, the transmission of Ebola, worldwide outbreak and case counts, demographics, and risk assessment. He also reviews how we are preparing and the new PPE guidelines.

The epidemiological data and recommendations are current for 10/25/2014. It can change rapidly in regards to the EPI data and recommendations.

Sticky Truth About Bakken Crude
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Gerry Gray provides crucial information to EMS personnel regarding the potential dangers involved with the transportation of approximately 3 millions gallons of Crude Oil at a time through our cities by railroad and how they should be prepared and respond. Examples of past catastrophic events involving the transportation of crude oil by railway are presented.

Butane Honey Oil
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Mike Fischer discusses what butane honey oil (BHO) is and its various forms - as honey oil, weed oil, budder, dabs, concentrate, wax, ear wax, amber glass, and shatter - and their THC levels. He discusses how it is made - both open and closed extraction methods. He then delves into the numerous dangers and the BHO labs that EMS personnel might run across in their line of service. He shows examples of BHO labs when something goes wrong.

EMS Response to Crime Scenes
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Bob Bryant discusses what a crime scene is, priorities at a crime scene, and how to recognize and preserve evidence at crime scenes including proper handling of physical evidence, forensic evidence, circumstantial evidence, eyewitness evidence, and direct evidence.

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