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2015 Spring NSPC Webcasts

2016 North State Pre-hospital Conference Webcasts

Nor-Cal EMS presents the 2015 Spring North State Prehospital Confeence to provider current topics in the field of EMS and records the live sessions by various speakers in front of an audience in order to provide the information to a wider audience to broaden the EMS thought process.

A printout of each presentation is available on the respective webcast page for reference while you view the webcast.

1. Airway Management for the Pre-Hospital Professional
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Richard King, MD, FACEP, Medical Director for PHI Air Medical CA/TX presents the following objectives during this webcast:

  • Review airway anatomy;
  • Define goals of airway management;
  • Tools of the trade;
  • Systematic approach to airway management;
  • Discuss special considerations with management of airways in burn patients.

The audio in the first 21 minutes exhibits excessive room acoustics but is still understandable. It is clear for the rest of the presentation. Please preview part of the video before watching for CEs to be sure it is okay for you. There is a test review at the end of the webcast.

Who is Dr. King? Background: From 2002-2006, Dr. King studied at the UC Davis School of Medicine. He is a full time intensivist at a Level II trauma center since 2010. Dr. King is Board certified in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, with a subspecialty certification in Neurocritical Care. He is also the Physician on the Redding Police Department's SWAT team.

2. Visual Odyssey in Emergency Medicine Services
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As the title suggests, the webcast presents a very wide variety of the types of injuries, illnesses, and oddities that one might encounter working in the field of emergency medicine. Being a visual presentation of this nature, it may not be suitable for all ages. If you are considering becoming an emergency medical responder, technician, paramedic, or nurse, this should provide a little idea of what you might encounter. There is an excellent test review at the end of this presentation.

Who is Dr. Rudnick? Dr. Rudnick is a native New Yorker and moved to Northern California in 1993 after completing his medical training. He attended the Medical College of Wisconsin, and graduated from the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Michigan State University with an award for Outstanding Clinical Excellence. His clinical practice has ranged from Level II Trauma Centers to small rural Emergency Departments. He is currently the Medical Director for Northern California EMS and Sierra Emergency Services Alliance (SEMSA). He is actively involved with the Emergency Medical Directors Association of California and holds a position on the California State Commission on EMS. His areas of interest clinically are pediatric emergency medicine and emergency medical services. He graduated from the highly regarded California Healthcare Foundation fellowship program in Healthcare Leadership. Dr. Rudnick is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services. He is married to Deborah Sutcliffe, M.D. a Family Medicine physician and has college-aged daughters. He enjoys hiking, nature photography, and spending time with his family.

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