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HPP Public Awareness Webcasts

Hospital Preparedness Program Public Awareness Webcasts

The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Training Webcasts are provided in part by an HPP grant. Nor-Cal EMS provides the ongoing support and maintenance of the webinars. The webinars in this series provide a range of training on systems like Hospital Available Beds for Emergencies (HAvBED) and Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI).

A printout of each presentation is available on the respective webcast page for reference while you view the webcast.

Infectious Disease and the Prehospital Provider
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This training is aimed at the individual prehospital provider. Dr Rudnick discusses the Drug resistant bacteria in the prehospital environment. He covers Infectious disease precautions and exposure management. The goal is to reduce the risk for infectious disease exposure for all prehospital providers which ultimately protects patients, providers, and the provider's family. He presents methods of exposure risk reduction, transmission methods, high risk diseases, and environmental disinfection.

HAvBED and MCI Event Training with EMResource
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Dr. Eric Rudnick presents the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate the importance of EMResource and being able to respond to events, queries, and polls.
  • Demonstrate how to respond to a HAvBED event in EMResource.
  • Demonstrate responding to a MCI (Multiple Casualty Incident) event in EMResource.

Transition from Mass Casualty Incident to Disaster Medical Response
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This webcast introduces a framework for mass casualty incident to disaster medical response and covers some of the rural challenges in the North State. Counties are large and most providers in these rural areas may only have one or two transport units to cover the entire county. Additional resources could be hours away. The purpose is to bring agencies together for planning, involve all operational authority agencies, and to dust off local, regional, and state plans.

Ebola Virus Disease Update 5/4/2016
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This Ebola Virus disease update covers current regional policy in the North State. Dr. Rudnick describes the Ebola Virus disease, provides a background of the disease and discusses infectivity, signs and symptoms, transmission of the disease, patient assessment criteria and precautions.

The epidemiological data and recommendations are current for 5/4/2016. It can change rapidly in regards to the EPI data and recommendations.

The CHEMPACK Project
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Lou Lallo presents the following objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the CHEMPACK Project at the federal, state and local level;
  • Discuss the clinical need for the medications in the CHEMPACK containers.
  • Review the logistical roles and responsibilities for deploying CHEMPACK in the counties of Region III.

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